Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Hunt for Red Panda PC Game (FINAL) 147 MB

The Hunt for Red Panda PC Game (FINAL) 147 MB. A mysterious malefactor has vandalized well known paintings in museums all over the world. The art detective has to restore the defaced masterpieces and help the police catch the criminal. Travel from one museum to another trying to bring back to life the spoiled paintings and find clues to the Red Panda personality. Do your best to restore paintings quickly and help museums indemnify their collections!
  • Restore real world paintings
  • Hidden object game mechanics
  • Over eight hours of gameplay
  • Travel all over the world
  • Use various art restoration tools

Download The Hunt for Red Panda PC Game (FINAL) 147 MB
Can you see this pumpkin?
 Hit the fly!
Results of restoration.
Not only charming and covert screenplay, lively and melodious sound, not a few prodigious Adventure / Hidden Object maps but also marvelous visuals are just parts of the unthought-of kingdom of The Hunt for Red Panda game. The Hunt for Red Panda includes not only elaborate missions but also original design. Realistic and unexceptionable descant will fall players even deeper in the atmosphere of facetious macrocosm. Players of any age will enjoy with this spectacular and stylish PC/Mac game The Hunt for Red Panda.

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