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Ominous Objects 2: Phantom Reflection PC Game (FINAL) 536.46 MB

Ominous Objects 2: Phantom Reflection PC Game (FINAL) 536.46 MB. Help Leia and her feline companion Mr. Jenkins to take care of dangerous mirror in Ominous Objects 2: Phantom Reflection PC Game!

In year 1825 Lilith Armstrong purchased for 10,000 dollars a mirror once belonged to Albert Mort himself! Unfortunately for her, this mirror is the ominous object, so Lilith and her son are trapped now in the possessed house! Luckily there’s hope for her – Leia is coming for help, using Mr. Jenkins to reach unreachable spots and her father’s special goggles to reveal true properties of any object and removing distortions from her way. But she not the only one who interested in this case – mysterious Duke Benjamin wishes to get the mirror no matter what…

Download Ominous Objects Episode Two game for PC for free, save Lilith Armstrong and her son, make sure that phantom mirror won’t hurt anyone else in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!

  • Fill cat’s room with toys and treats for Mr. Jenkins!
  • Get comprehensive Strategy Guide
  • Bonus chapter will reveal new Ominous Object!
  • Get whole list of achievements!


All admirers of superb casual games of Puzzle PC game genre will like this special Ominous Objects 2: Phantom Reflection game. Various localities with different rules and conditions, unputdownable and terrific flora and fauna can be found in Ominous Objects 2: Reflection, it also holds a whole lot mysterious dark dungeons, tests town whereabouts and various ancient castles with precious architecture.
Ominous Objects 2: Phantom Reflection places forces you to fulfil some sly impediments. In Phantom Reflection game tuneful soundtracks, easy game process and vivid videosequence will be galvanic and rattling for all followers of Puzzle/Adventure PC game genre.
Ominous Objects II: Phantom Reflection is the accomplished PC game with unputdownable light descant and high quality rattling depictions. You are exploring prodigious places of Ominous Objects 2, trying to find inscrutable guerdons and solve various bogging twists.
 This is actually all you need to know about Ominous Objects: Phantom Reflection game before you will plunge into dreamy Adventure interface.

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