Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shadow Shelter (FINAL) 265.73 MB

Shadow Shelter (FINAL) 265.73 MB. As a private investigator in Shadow Shelter Game you are going to search for the missing heir to the old estate in Scotland. It is expected that everything in the abandoned house should sleep soundly and strong. But your assumptions are wrong ... The estate has a life hidden from the eyes of the layman. Its walls have been long inhabited by spirits and ghosts. And only if you play by their rules, they'll let you into their possession. Through puzzles and riddles you will discover the history of this mystery, with the roots coming from a thousand years ago. Are you sure you are ready to see all the secrets of the abandoned estate to find the missing heir? Then beware, no one knows what ghosts have prepared for you in a secret corner of the regular old estate...


Title Post: Shadow Shelter (FINAL) 265.73 MB
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