Friday, September 18, 2015

Haunted Hotel: The X PC Game (FINAL) 354.38 MB

Haunted Hotel: The X PC Game (FINAL) 354.38 MB. Save your sister Samantha, who decided to explore possibly haunted Lexington Hotel by her own in Haunted Hotel: The X PC Game and now trapped somewhere inside!

It was November 24, 1979, when you received a message from Samantha. She sent it two days ago, writing that is going to explore truth about old legend at Lexington Hotel in Maine. Hotel was closed many years ago in 1929, after its owner died in Lexington Massacre. Samantha didn’t return and you have no choice but to follow her to the hotel. And there you found out that hotel is really haunted and vengeful spirit got Samantha! You will have to think fast and save her, but do you think that powerful spirit will let both of you out alive?

Download Haunted Hotel 10 and face the threat you’ve never seen before in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure series!
  • Gather all 20 collectible puzzle pieces to form beautiful ikebana!
  • Reach all achievements, including Just a Second!
  • Find all 21 morphing objects, hidden through the game!
 Creepy place, huh?
 Can you find all of these?
 Interesting, who he was?
Quantity of PC casual games (like magnificent Haunted Hotel: The X game) grows because the technology, available to the Hidden Object Adventure Puzzle casual computer games makers improves, resulting in higher drawing quality and pleasant music like in Haunted Hotel: 10 PC game. Aforementioned Haunted Hotel: The X  is better than others PC games, atm, created with a whole lot knotty opportunities and fantastic objectives reminds of playing old console games. There are all kinds of Puzzle/Adventure/Hidden Object puzzles in Haunted Hotel 10: The X. They aren't a big invocations to solve. We are proud to contribute the newest exquisite game,HH X to you!

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